Sinafikish Lemma – Social and Economic Development Professional

Sinafikish Lemma is a social and economic development professional with over ten years of experience working in the field. She has worked for several governmental and non-governmental development organizations.

In 2007, Sinafikish received her bachelor’s degree in Economics from Arbaminch University. She then continued her studies at the Ethiopian Civil Service University, where she earned a Master’s degree in Urban Management. Following that, she pursued her second master’s degree in Agricultural Economics at Dilla University, which she completed in 2020. Moreover, Sinafikish is a 2019 Open African Power (OAP 2019) fellow, where she met three other women and founded the Ethiopian Women in Energy association.

She is currently working in the GIZ- Energy Program of Ethiopia(EPE) as Community Development Adviser under the mini-grid component. In her current role, she closely works with the project community and government stakeholders through active engagement of the community in project planning and implementation to ensure community ownership and sustainability of projects.  

In the future Sinafikish aims to continue her contribution to the development of the rural community in terms of creating energy access, empowering the rural community towards the use of modern energy solutions, improving the livelihood of the rural community through productive use of business and job creation for women and youth social groups. 

Author: EWiEn