Hellen Nigussie – A Transmission Line Manager



 Helen Nigussie is an extra high voltage transmission line manager at Ethiopian Electric Power. She has over three years of experience leading a Transmission line  Maintenance and technical support team at EEP. Helen Negussie studied Electricity at General Wingate vocational college. After graduating, her first job was as a technician in Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation in the transmission substation operation department.


Currently working as Transmission line Manager at EEP, her responsibilities include supervising and monitoring operations and transmission line maintenance along with planning operations and proper allocation of available resources to achieve the smooth operation of the system with maximum efficiency. She also leads her team in many inspection works of transmission lines. In addition, She analyzes monthly transmission line interruption reports, gathers data from these reports, and assists in deriving and determining the department’s goals. 

Helen aims to create a good working environment for her team. She says, “After all, a manager is only as strong as the team that they’re leading.”. In the future, Helen hopes to further develop her collaborative and team-focused culture to improve her managerial skills as well as get opportunities to learn and grow her skills from a technical standpoint. She also wants to continue her studies in the power engineering field. 

Author: EWiEn