Tinsaenesh Sisay - Electrical Engineer

Tinsaenesh is an engineer with over ten  years of experience in electrical engineering in the energy sector. She holds an electrical engineering degree from Jimma University as well as a second degree in civil engineering from Adama University.

Tinsaenesh’s first job was with Ethio Telecom, where she ended up spending the next two years. Following that, she joined Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) and worked as an Electrical Engineer on hydropower and waste-to-energy projects for eight years.

She is currently working at Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) as an Energy Resource Development manager. Her roles at her job include organizing and conducting renewable energy resources assessments and feasibility studies. She also takes the role of managing and leading renewable and other energy development teams. She considers a standard feasibility study to be one of the most important documents for completing a power plant project successfully. 

Tinsaenesh believes that numerous issues need to be addressed in our country’s electric energy sector, including providing electricity to those who do not have access to it and developing a stable national power system. She also expresses her joy at being able to contribute to the solution of problems in the Ethiopian electric energy sector by using her knowledge and work skills.

Her long-term goal is to become an internationally certified renewable energy expert. She is excited to conduct a standard feasibility study for all renewable energy within my company (EEP), and she hopes to do more and make a difference in the energy sector.

Author: EWiEn