Renewable Energy Law Expert


GIZ Green people’s energy, wants to contract a team of consultants (International and local) for a consultancy service on   Developing guidelines for cooperative-based mini-grid development paths and support the legal & regulatory alignment and gap filling process in this regard.

For this specific assignment, GIZ is looking for an energy law expert (attached is his/her task and needed qualification).  It is appreciated if you could circulate the attachment and the additional details (Title and duration) to EWIN network.

The estimated duration of this assignment is (tentative) from 01.10.2021 – 28.02.2022


In-depth assessment on the priorities of key stakeholders regarding the organizational and legal frameworks related to electric cooperatives.

Analyzing different legal frameworks i.e., energy proclamations, regulations and guidelines with respect to cooperative managed mini grids

Analyzing established standards and regulations required for the registering, licensing, certification, tariff-setting and other forms of legalizing cooperative managed mini-grids.

Developing practical guidelines that consider tariff setting, licensing and certification procedures for registering and implementing a mini-grid project

Supports the team leader in the development or amendment of practical legal frameworks and respective documents such as directives, regulations.

Regularly reports back and forwards all collected information to the team leader for joint analysis and processing of the data and information.


Education/training: Masters or PhD in energy, law, energy law, or relevant field

Language: Very good language skills in English, Amharic. 

General professional experience: 7 years in research and advisory on energy / renewable energy related legal and regulatory frameworks

Specific professional experience :5 years in advisory on licensing and certification processes for renewable and off-grid energy projects 

Leadership/management experience: none

 Regional experience: none 

Development Cooperation (DC) experience: 1 year of experience in DC

Other: experience in managing consultation and decision-making processes in a complex multi-stakeholder environment

Any interested applicant please reach out using the following contact:

Meselu Worku


Phone no: +251947 961 065

Author: EWiEn