Annual Women In Energy Event 2021

EWiEn held it’s Annual Women in Energy Event 2021 in collaboration with GIZ Energy Programme Ethiopia (EPE) on December 3, 2021. The event was conducted with the aim of creating awareness, and providing a place for stakeholders to engage in energy-gender nexus discussions such as professional growth pathways and strategies to elevate women in the sector.

Furthermore, the event also served as a knowledge exchange platform for information on initiatives, jobs, and other business opportunities. The main program of the event was the awarding ceremony for influential women in the field of energy. The award acknowledge and motivate influential women in the energy sector. Accordingly, three women were selected and awarded for their significant contributions to the energy sector. 

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The event was opened by a welcoming speech from EWiEn’s President, Filagot Tesfaye. Filagot welcomed all the guests to the first Annual Women In Energy event and stated the need for the event. She also gave a brief of the achievements of the association the past year. Filagot also

“Choosing three women was difficult because there are many women in the sector who have contributed to the sector and brought change to themselves and their community. “


GIZ David Otieno joined the event virtually to give his  followed with an opining speech

Mr. Yiheyis Eshetu Director for Energy policy , Strategy and information Directorate, Ministry of Water and Energy(MOWE) was present at the event representing State Minister Dr Sultan Weli. He addresed the audience 

EWiEn Chair Person, Dr Atsede Gualu to explain the selection process of the three women awarded at the event.

She mentioned that the selection process took a total of six months. the nomination of awardees began on June 09, 2021. by the time the nomination closed in august 84 people submitted there nominations resulting in 24 unique nominations. Out of the nominated women, 10 were found to meet the eligibility criteria. Then the sub-committee selected from EWiEn’s Executive Committee sub-committee selected from EWiEn’s Executive Committee shortlisted the nominees to Eight. Finally, three independent juries were selected to evaluate the nominees and select the three awardees. The three awardees were evaluated based on predefined criteria Excellence level of education, role model in the energy sector, Leadership qualities, Specific contributions to the energy sector, Impact on energy sector, Growth, Impact on community, Sustainability.

The main expected attributes from the awardees are Role model in the Ethiopian energy sector, Impact on the energy sector, and Impact on other women working in the sector.

Dr. Atsede Gualu, Chair Person, Ethiopian Women in Energy Association
EWiEn’s Annual Women in Energy event also featured an exhibition where energy companies displayed their products and services.
The majority of the exhibitors were women-led and owned energy organizations such as Abramba Technologies, PLC, ON ENERGY consult, Modify electromechanical systems and solutions, Green Scene Energy PLC, and others.
Author: EWiEn