Amsal Barega- Founder of Lem Betret Alternative Energy Technology

Amsal Barega: The Entrepreneur Behind Lem Betret Alternative Energy Technology Manufacturing

She is one of the awardees of the influential Women in Energy Award of the influential women in Energy award of the year 2022.


       Amsal’s educational background in electricity and her subsequent diploma in business management provided her with a strong foundation for her entrepreneurial journey. Her dedication to continuous learning led her to obtain a bachelor’s degree in business management from Hawassa University in 2021. After joining the GTZ cookstove program in 2004, Amsal established her own business, which has flourished under her leadership. Her company focuses on producing and innovating different energy-saving cooking stoves, which are sold and promoted across various regions in Ethiopia, including Harar, Afar, Somalia, and Tigray, in addition to the SNNPR region.

Amsal’s expertise in innovating and designing cooking technologies has resulted in the creation of various energy-saving cooking stoves. Her product range includes mobile stoves, electric stoves, electric Mitads, energy-efficient stoves (Mirt Midija, Laqech Midija, and Easy Stove), and improved briquette stoves. Her products have significantly reduced the burden on women by saving time spent collecting firewood and mitigating health hazards associated with traditional open-fire cooking. Amsal’s impact extends beyond her immediate region, as her products have reached areas such as Wolayita Sodo, Kembata Hadiya, Somali Jigjiga, Gode, and Harar Chiro. She not only sells her products but also provides training on installation and usage to ensure maximum benefit for her customers.


      Amsal’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication have resulted in the creation of numerous job opportunities within her community. She has supported her employees in starting their own businesses by providing training, materials, loans, and design assistance. Amsal’s commitment to empowering others is evident in her extensive engagement with the community. She has shared her experience at different stages and received over 40 certificates, medals, and trophies from various governmental and non-governmental organizations. Amsal’s achievements were recognized at the Young African Female Entrepreneurs and Innovators Forum in South Africa, where she was selected as one of Ethiopia’s representative and awardee. Furthermore, her attention to environmental protection is exemplified by her rental of 20,000 square meters of land for planting various tree species in Welkite town, contributing to the preservation of the environment.


      Amsal’s dedication to uplifting her community extends beyond her business operations. She has provided valuable assistance and training to over 1,232 women entrepreneurs, enabling them to produce and sell cooking stoves and generate income. Amsal’s commitment to knowledge sharing and capacity building has empowered others to follow in her footsteps. She has also supported her employees by offering loans, addressing their concerns, aiding during hardships, and covering their health insurance. Amsal’s impact on gender equality is particularly noteworthy, as she has challenged societal perceptions and stereotypes about women’s abilities in the energy sector. Her success story serves as an inspiration for aspiring female entrepreneurs, and she actively advocates for increased female representation in the sector.


     Amsal’s ambition knows no bounds, as she plans to participate in international competitions to represent her country and showcase her innovative cooking stoves. Additionally, she dreams of establishing a local non-governmental organization (NGO) focused on environmental protection through the plantation of various tree species. With a vision for sustainable growth, Amsal has acquired 1500 square meters of land from the government, where she intends to build a training and production facility. This expansion will enable her to further scale her business operations and continue making a lasting impact in the energy sector and the community at large.


     Amsal Barega’s journey as an entrepreneur in the energy sector is a testament to her resilience, dedication, and innovative mindset. Her pioneering work in energy-saving cooking appliances has not only transformed the lives of countless women but has also contributed to environmental preservation and sustainable livelihoods. Amsal’s commitment to knowledge sharing, gender empowerment, and job creation exemplifies her role as a trailblazer and an influential figure in her society. As she continues to strive for excellence and expand her business, Amsal’s impact on the energy sector and the community will undoubtedly continue to grow, leaving a lasting legacy for future generations.

Author: -EWiEn