Tigist Wudu – Electrical Engineer


Tigist Wedu is a senior electrical engineer at the Ethiopian electric utility who has worked on quality engineer and design and analysis of energy projects. In June 2018, she received her first degree in electrical and computer engineering (specialization in power engineering) from Adama Science and Technology University. Her final year thesis project was titled ‘’Feasibility study of standalone PV-biogas Hybrid Power generation for ASTU.” She is currently pursuing her MSC in electrical and computer engineering (power engineering) at Addis Ababa University, which she will complete next year.

After graduation, Tigist started working in Ethiopian electric utility as a quality engineer. She has more than two years of experience as a quality engineer. As a quality engineer, she was in charge of testing transformers and any distribution materials and approving whether or not they met the required standards as well as ensuring that the approved inspection test plan was followed correctly. She was also in charge of carrying out specific inspections on materials, equipment, and construction/installation activities on-site.

Tigist also expresses that she has a passion to work in energy conservation and auditing facilities and renewable energy projects. She did an energy audit for the National Alcohol and Liquor factory located at sebeta. She raises how most facilities in Ethiopia don’t have a habit of managing their energy usage and that she would like to work to change this as energy auditing reduces energy costs in the facilities. 

In the future, Tigist intends to be involved in energy-related research and problem-solving. She would also like to continue her studies for a Ph.D.

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