Tena Abebaw – Electrical Engineer

Tena Abebaw is an electrical engineer who has worked on Off-Grid solar installation, construction, and industrial electrical design and installation, as well as wind farm electrical installation. She received her first degree in electrical engineering from Adama science and technology university, and her second degree in electrical power and automation engineering from Defense engineering university college.

Her initial venture into the energy industry was working on wind and solar projects. Since then, she has served on various projects including, the Ashgoda 120MW Wind Energy Construction Farm project as an electrical installation team leader, Industrial Electrical Design and installation project as a Site Engineer, and various building Electrical design and supervision projects. Moreover, she has served as a coordinator in brand hotel construction and Electromechanical Design and Re-Design. Tena is particularly pleased with her work as a project leader for the rural solar systems installation project at health centers and health posts in the Amhara Region (off-grid area) because these facilities primarily serve women during pregnancy, birth, and maternity.

She is currently the company manager of her own electromechanical company, Techscie Engineering plc, which was founded in 2020. In her current position, she manages the company’s operations and leads a team of engineers and technicians. She seeks out new projects for the organization, as well as directs and coordinates project operations, and quality assurance.

In the future, Tena hopes to expand her new electro-mechanical company in both project and human resources. She wants to increase the number of professionals and technicians in her organization. Tena also intends to strengthen the company’s engagement in the energy sector. In general, she plans to use her business to provide efficient energy and other electro-mechanical services.

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