What We Do

EWiEn aims to connect women in Ethiopia with professional and business opportunities in the energy sector through the following three themes.


engages in mentorship and training support for women energy professionals.  Also, EWiEn facilitates platforms for access to finance for women business owners and entrepreneurs in the sector.  EWiEn also engages in women tailored community based energy projects that support women in the rural community to access clean energy sources. Moreover, this program also intends to encourage young students who are interested to join the energy sector. EWiEn also work with partners to provide technical support to partners to ensure gender-inclusive energy programs are realized. 


creates a space for women professionals working in the sector to come together to collaborate and share experiences, engage in discussions of innovative solutions and ideas, develop business and professional partnerships , nurture relationships, and exchange knowledge and stories. EWiEn organizes conferences, workshops, networking events, and visits to different energy projects in Ethiopia.


Intends to show women as an important part of the sector not only as energy consumers but also as energy project implementers. Women who showed outstanding performance will be awarded and recognized. Furthermore, issues which are barriers to women participation in the sector will be researched and presented to responsible bodies.