Women at The Heart of Energy Access

EWiEN was initiated by five Ethiopian women professionals in the energy sector in January 2019. They shared a strong interest in the energy transformation in Ethiopia and the role of women in the energy sector. They had a chance to find that they had much more in common and decided to start the first association promoting the role of  women in the energy work space.


To see Ethiopian women, at the heart of the energy sector, as change agent and beneficiary in the effort of providing energy access to all


To empower women in the energy sector through networking and training opportunities and address the energy access challenge of women by creating linkage with energy project implementers and stakeholders.


To promote participation of women and girls in the energy sector in Ethiopia and expand the pool of women energy professionals in the Ethiopian energy sector.

Our Programs


Provision of quality education, training and support for women in the workforce: Access to finance for women entrepreneurs in the sector and community based energy projects


Create a platform for collaboration and experience sharing ; Engage in discussion about solutions and professional growth; Information for young women about the energy sector; Connecting professionals and job opportunities; Volunteer activities for young female students


Demonstrate women as an important part of the sector; Promote professional and women-led businesses; Research on barriers to women participation in the energy sector

Tinsaenesh Sisay

Tinsaenesh is an engineer with over ten  years of experience in electrical engineering in the energy sector. She holds an electrical engineering degree from Jimma University as well as a second degree in civil engineering from Adama University. Tinsaenesh’s first job was with Ethio Telecom, where she ended up spending...

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Renewable Energy Law Expert​

Renewable Energy Law Expert Description GIZ Green people’s energy, wants to contract a team of consultants (International and local) for a consultancy service on   Developing guidelines for cooperative-based mini-grid development paths and support the legal & regulatory alignment and gap filling process in this regard. For this specific assignment,...

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Tigist Wudu – Electrical Engineer

  Tigist Wedu is a senior electrical engineer at the Ethiopian electric utility who has worked on quality engineer and design and analysis of energy projects. In June 2018, she received her first degree in electrical and computer engineering (specialization in power engineering) from Adama Science and Technology University. Her...

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What peoples say about us

I am happy to be a member of an association that works to enhance the role of women in the Energy sector. Participating in EWiEn’s workshop was an excellent learning and personal development experience for me as I was able to listen to women business owners talk about startup companies in the energy sector, gain insight into the gender-energy nexus from the consumer perspective, and network with women professionals who are role models in their achievements.
Yideneku Liyew
Regional Head Customer service & Sales at Ethiopian Electric Utility
Participating in the Ethiopian Water and Energy Utility week exhibition as a volunteer was really an awesome and exciting experience to me. It helped me to step out of my comfort zone and discover new things about the energy sector. It even encouraged me to use my knowledge and contribute to this fast growing sector in our country.